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Your Special Products Sourcing Partner

Hope of Life

Saving lives is always our main goal. To help each other in getting the best solutions, to help ease the pain and give hope to life.

We understand the frustration of healthcare providers when they can’t get what is required for the treatment of their patients due to the unattended needs; simply because the products is too old, too new, too niche, discontinued, etc. In short, it is “orphan” in the supply of pharmaceuticals. When you are in this urgent, life saving, not available, helpless situation you can think of Pharm-D.

With our worldwide network and database, a dedicated indent team, we are able to speedily source and supply orphan drugs. We work closely with regulatory authorities to overcome the complexity and procedures. Our supply chain is fully complied with Good Distribution Practice requirements. We put together the missing pieces and become a link to customer, manufacturer, principal and authority. Even though it is “orphan”, the quality, safety and efficacy remain our top priority.

Your Special Products Sourcing Partner

The unmet medical needs remain close in our hearts for the past 10 years and it will continue to be. We never stop to strive increasing our database, our network, our service level and our staff capabilities. It is our greatest achievement when our customers deem Pharm-D as the most reliable “Your Special Products Sourcing Partner”.